TEXTS ABOUT MOONENS AND THE ACADEMY facsimile of typed texts to download in PDF

This page gathers facsimile of typed documents written for various occasions, between 1956 and 1958. These texts are also scattered through the archives "The Congo Years" but easier to consult together here.

They contain important and reliable facts about a number of subjects such as :

  • History of the Academy (creation, financing, officialization, professors, ...),
  • The students and how Moonens dealt with their talent and supported them,
  • Similarities and differences between the Academy from Moonens and "le Hangar" from Pierre Romain Desfossés,
  • How the Academy dealt with the disciples from Pierre Romain desfossé when he died : the Section "D",

And many other subjects...

The reading of these texts gives an accurate overview of the Academy, the method of its creator, the artists and their Art. It clarifies (sometimes also contradicts) some theories developed through the years which prove to be sometimes incomplete or even wrong.